Tablescaping Trends 2024

          Photo Credits: OYOY Living Design
1. Tinted Pastels

According to WGSN, there has been There are 200.5m views for #PinkKitchen on TikTok, while #PastelHomeDecor has 5m. US Google searches for "pastel room" have increased 12% YoY, proving that this pale colour direction has mass appeal. Watch this space TLG has light wash colours coming your way to modernise your tablescape next year! 



Photo Credits:  Amanda Lee

2. The Power of Personalisation

We have seen an influx of personalisation within the last few years. This year more than ever, we are seeing embroidered and personalised table products EVERYWHERE. Having bespoke embroidery as an in-house service, we are pleased to see that the demand is still present and we are constantly thinking of new ways we can be increasingly creative with it! Watch this space. 

Photo Credits: Maison Fleur

3. Imperfectly Perfect 

The frill and scallop edge has been everywhere this year! Scallop edges and irregular silhouettes are a great way to add some depth and texture into your table without having to commit to full on pattern or print. Whist we think that scallop will remain very popular, we are noticing a shift to these more interesting shapes and edges within the ceramic world. 

Photo Credits: Pinterest

4. Earthy Tones

Warm tones remain essential across home furnishings. According to WGSN US Pinterest searches for "neutral room aesthetic" have risen 24% YoY, while UK searches for "chocolate brown" increased 19% YoY. WGSN stated that 'on Instagram, #NeutralDecor has over 1.7m posts, and #NeutralTones has over 1.6m, demonstrating that warmer neutral tones are resonating with consumers.' We are huge fans of colour at The Lost Girls, but also are increasingly loving the natural and warm tones that we have begun to explore in our own embroidery work. 


Photo credits: Pinterest 

5. Tonal Texture 
You are missing out if you aren't using tonal texture within your tablescape. We have found that there is something so beautiful and intricate about using the same shade as colour as your fabric base when it comes to creating texture via embroidery. This is definitely something that we would love to experiment more with in the new year and believe it's going to pick up the pace come 2024.