Meet Aoife

Meet Georgie

Who Are The Lost Girls?

The Lost Girls is a multidisciplinary design studio where embroidery meets events. The brand was founded by two friends; Aoife and Georgie who met on their Textile Design degree in 2015. With years of experience in design and embroidery, combined with their profound knowledge of fabric, Aoife and Georgie set up The Lost Girls in 2022. 

The Lost Girls studio is based in South West London and main services include; bespoke embroidery ranging from monogramming to hand and also, table curation/styling. You can make appointments to visit the girls and enjoy the ultimate bespoke experience.  

The Lost Girls have worked amongst London’s leading brands and pride themselves on high quality and attention to detail. Their overall aim is to share their passion for embroidery with you and to create products and tables you love. 

So welcome, we are so happy to have you. 

If you have time to stick around, we also have our very own blog called ‘Lost and Located’ where you can read about slices of our life!

Please enjoy,   

Love Aoife + G