Lost in Lisbon Journey

Lina Close Up Side

Hi Guys,

Wow, this has been a journey! But…. The Lost In Lisbon collection is finally here and we are bursting with joy that we can finally share it with you!

The inspiration for this season initially came from our university girls trip to Lisbon back in 2018. From the soft pastel toned buildings to the beautifully detailed tiles, Lisbon quickly became one of our favourite cities ever. Not only does Lisbon carry this beautifully natural charm, it also has an incredible food and drink scene and YES, we are directly referring to all the Pastel del Natas we ate!
(If you are interested in finding in our opinion, the best NATAS around London, please read Aoife’s latest blog here) Anyway, we brought back buckets of inspiration and finally have had an excuse to put it into action!

We have split our Lost In Lisbon theme into three mini collections; Pêssego (peach), Bonitinho (cute), Sorriso (smile).

Starting with Pêssego, probably Aoife + I’s favourite just because its, well…Pink! Inspired by the streets of Lisbon, this combination of stripes and checks will add pops of colour onto your table or into your home. Our highlight of Pêssego has to be the stunning Lina tablecloth. This punchy delight pairs beautifully with the Aria or Jasmin Placemat and we also highly recommend adding our Claro Napkin Pair to wow your next dinner guests.

Moving on to Bonitinho, unintentionally the largest mini collection within Lost in Lisbon, but hey, we move. We wanted this collection to touch on our experiences in Lisbon, but also be fitting for this transitional time of year. The warm greens and oranges seeping through in products like Matilde, Sofia and Moochi reflect the autumnal tones we see coming through within the UK at this time of year.
Alas, not leaving that Lisbon sunshine too far away with the Dinis Napkin set is here to brighten up some of the dark days we may face ahead.
But whatever you do, please do not miss our statement product of the collection the the incredibly gorgeous Madelena headband that will wow any event you have coming up this Fall. Having said that, you could totally get cosy in our Floresta jumper whilst repping TLG at the same time. (Double win).

Last, but especially not least we have our Sorriso mini collection. Here to do one thing and one thing only- make you SMILE! Probably our biggest nod to our Lisbon trip. Guys, when we say we went all out – we went all out. A true example of this that won’t let you down is our Printed Martim Tablecloth created with a mash up of patterns inspired by the Lisbon tiles we became obsessed* with (to the extent, Aoife purchased a book of photographed tiles… stunning)
Undoubtedly, a strong contender not to be missed from the Sorriso collection has to be the Frederico Cushion. This dreamy blue velvet square of joy with a yellow trim is sophisticated yet playful and will make any sofa feel like a 10/10. Whilst you’re at it, why not add the Sorriso scrunchie to your basket in the meantime, go on I dare ya.

Also make sure you check out our gorgeous handmade ceramic range. Fun fact: they made within the same building in London I am currently sitting in, chatting to you all! Now that is cool. We also have some fabulous candles (with a few cheekily designed by us) but all made within the UK. Lastly, of course, not forgetting to mention our fun prints that will brighten up your walls within a heartbeat.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do and please do get in touch at info@wearethelostgirls.co.uk for any order enquiries!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Love G