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The Best Natas in Town

TLG’s first collection was based on our love of Pastel Del Natas, that Vanilla-bean Custardy goodness is always a winner here at our studio. Feeling Down? Get them a Nata. Celebrating? Nata. You know how it’s going to go. But really, our friendship thrives on food so, we are here to give you the guide on what we think are the Top 5 Natas in London*.

(And yes, we did do a cheeky taste test of each to verify these delights for you; too kind, we know)

5th – A strong position to be named 5th best in London; Natas Coffee Bar- Tooting.

As it might suggest in the name, this place is made for Natas. But not only Natas, also amazing brunches, so if you’re fancying it you can have a delightful Eggs Ben and a Nata to follow, dream brekky? We think so!

4th – Up next is a classic, one for all you OG fans out there; Lidl Bakery.

We know, a shock but honestly try it. Baked fresh every day, these lil puppies are satisfying and cheap. What more do you want?

3rd – One to not be missed- Galeta Bakery, Victoria Park Market. (@galetabakery)

This lovely market stall takes that crispy Nata pastry to the next level. You can get Blueberry, Raspberry and just a classic, also they make the best doughnuts in East London. Absolutely banging for that Sunday Treat.

2nd – Not the top but so so very close; Santa Nata– Covent Garden.

So simple and yet so GOOD. We tried these piping hot (V hard to eat but amazing at the same time), and they where just unreal. All the crisp pastry, thick custard finished with a cinnamon top- yom yom yom.

Prize Nata – Our creme de la creme, number 1 Pasta Del Nata in London has to be Cafe de nata– especially the one in Soho.

Image Credit: Café de Nata

We have had so many post night-out, or even mid night-out snack stops here, it has to be our Top spot. They always get it right, and to add to it; they have chocolate, coffee and so many more flavours. Best enjoyed when slightly warm so the choccy is still melted. (Can or can not be intoxicated still just as good).

So hey that was a ride, but try and tell us that all you’re thinking about isn’t now just a creamy Nata to start, finish or add that little treat into your day.

Thank us later!

Aoife and G x x

* Please note these ratings are only by the TLG gals, however every bit real and honest xo xo