What Embroidery Service Should I Choose?

When it comes to your bespoke project, there are a few things to consider before choosing which Embroidery to choose.

What kind of look are you trying to achieve?

How many products are you wanting to embroider?

What is your budget?

What is the product for?

Hand Embroidery:

Asking yourself these questions before hand will make the decision easier. Firstly, let’s look into Hand Embroidery.


> This is a great choice if you are looking for something more unique, personal and delicate.

> It looks really beautiful and there is so many different looks you can create with it.  

> Napkin hand embroidery (a popular choice at TLG) for example can be a a great way to create a seating plan for your guests and double it up as being a favour to take home at the end. 

> Moreover, a way to add branding to items such as T-Shirts or tote bags 

However, before picking this option there are a few thing to bare in mind


> Cost – due to the nature of hand embroidery, it’s not a quick process so tends to cost slightly more than machine.

> Quantity – We have a maximum of 100 pieces per order (excluding tablecloth’s at 20 pieces max) – unless we have had a special request with plenty of notice. 

> Detail – Our work at TLG always contains an element of care and subject to detail, however by hand will not be able to achieve an exact logo 

> Replication – If you are wanting exact replications of each moitf/ word etc we always do our absolute best to ensure that this is the case but please bare in mind with hand embroidery there will always be an element of dissimilarity. This can be seen as a pro but if you are wanting uniform standard then we would advise machine.  

> We have a slightly longer lead time also for hand embroidery of 15-20 working days, just because of the nature of the work so please also bare this in mind ahead of ordering, 

If you are happy to work with the limitations above, then we definitely advise picking it.

Machine Embroidery Example

Machine Embroidery:

Our latest piece of investment kit we purchased and so far, so good! We have the opportunity now to not only still design in house, but create many different designs with more detail than we can achieve by hand.

This is a great option if you are looking for some corporate or branded embroidered such as embroidered Tote’s, Caps or Tees etc. 


> Cost Effective – although there is a one off digitisation fee (unless you choose text with our free house font choice) this design will be yours forever with us, therefore you could comeback and get it applied to lots of different products. 

Due to the machine also being able to work a lot faster in comparison to hand, the cost will also be lower.

> Exact Replication – If you are looking for uniform embroidery, this is your service to go for. 

Level of Detail – The level of detail that can be achieved on the machine is far greater so more can be achieved e.g 


> It can look quite heavy on some fabrics 

> It is standardised work. therefore will not necessarily be unique to you.


If you are looking for something unique, delicate and in a smaller quantity we advise Hand Embroidery.

If you are looking for larger quantities, standardised work and personalised, we advise Machine Embroidery.

Please note, these are our own views and not anyone else’s. We are simply offering our advice from our experience within the industry.

If you have any further questions or are interested in our services, please get in contact with us at bespoke@wearethelostgirls.co.uk


Aoife and Georgie 


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